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bowie world
[01] Garbage Lyrics
[05] Taking Back Sunday (Timberwolves At New Jersey filmclip)
[08] Sixteen Candles
[06] Amelie
[01] Stock (Naked Peekaboo)
[22] Total Icons

[01] Katherine Heigl Banner
[01] William Beckett Friends Only Banner
[01] Disturbia Banner
[01] Mikey Way Wallpaper
[01] Jared Leto Wallpaper
[05] Larger Graphics.
Wallpapers Thumbnailed to be dial-up friendly. =]


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As always, please credit, comments are loved & hotlinking is hated. =]
5th-Apr-2007 08:21 pm - a small offering.
bowie world
[01] 30 Seconds to Mars
[03] Brandon Flowers
[06] Stock [Mars bar, street sign, girls in dresses]
[05] My Chemical Romance [The Way brothers]
[01] David Bowie
[01] To Write Love On Her Arms
[01] Veronica Mars
[18] icons.

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The usual; yes please with the credit, no thanks with the hotlinking, and if you like to make me happy with the comments. =]
starwars - stormtrooper
[47] Icons
[04] Bleach
[15] D.N.Angel
[14] Little Miss Sunshine
[02] She's the man
[06] She's the man quotes
[03] misc.
[03] Evermore


Comments are nice. Please credit. And no hotlinking. :D And some of these icons are utter crap i know but i was deprived of photoshop for many months until now, so i didnt really think about what i was doing.

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[mood| happy]
[music| the walk - imogen heap]
4th-Feb-2007 05:35 pm - Harry Potter Collection
starwars - stormtrooper
[28] Harry Potter Icons


Comments are nice. Please credit. And no hotlinking. :D

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Most of these icons were submitted into contests. You'll find some of them already in past posts at wanted_graphics. 1 - 12 submitted at wizard_icons, 13 - 19, 21 - 28 submitted at wandless_icons

[mood| cranky]
[music| Missing (live) - Evanescence]
3rd-Feb-2007 10:30 pm - icon dump.
bowie world
[01] MySpace random.
[06] Keira Knightley
[03] Jake Gyllenhaal
[06] Scrubs quotes
[04] Supernatural
[08] My Chemical Romance
[06] Taking Back Sunday
[34] Total icons


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bowie world
Jake prettiness.
Check it.
Big thankyou to for the codes.

P.S. Dani, I can't get the links to work up the top. Give it a look if you get time, would you? Much love. xx ♥
27th-Dec-2006 05:22 pm - Colouring Tutorial for CS
starwars - stormtrooper
Colouring Tutorial - Black & White to Full Colour

I have finally made it after this was requested a long time ago.

Might be a bit image heavy. Transferable.

from: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting to: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

from black&white to fullcolourCollapse )
14th-Dec-2006 03:07 pm - Graphics.
bowie world
[10] Veronica Mars (3 icons in variations)
[05] The Virgin Suicides
[05] Jarhead
[04] Harry Potter
[03] Random text
[01] The Princess Bride
[09] Donnie Darko
[05] Lyrics (My Chemical Romance & Jimmy Eat World)
[42] total icons

[01] My Chemical Romance Friends Only banner
[02] Boyd Holbrook banners made for emlovesdraco
[01] "Night Drive" (By Jimmy Eat World) themed wallpaper
[03] Larger graphics


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Same rules as ever.
Please credit, don't hotlink & comments make be giddy.
Also, there are quite a few textless icons in this batch. You may use them as bases, as long as you credit me. I'd love to see what you make!
27th-Dec-2006 10:09 pm - Holiday Boredness Icons
starwars - stormtrooper
[39] ICONS
[05] Ben Folds
[05] Ben Folds Lyrics
[14] Donnie Darko (1 animation)
[05] The Fifth Element
[02] June - "Patrick" Lyrics
[02] theAUDITION - "You've Made Us Conscious" lyrics
[05] +44 icons
[01] Harry Potter


Comments are nice. Please credit. And no hotlinking, it takes up bandwith. :D

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starwars - stormtrooper
[60] ICONS
[15] Ben Folds (& ben folds five)
[02] Harry Potter (Mr. Fudge)
[03] Wicked The Musical
[05] X-men 3
[03] Moulin Rouge
[02] Wicked picture (devil ear jumper thingy)
[02] Evanescence
[09] Domino
[04] Swordfish
[01] Paramore
[01] The Dresden Dolls
[03] Harry Potter (Divinty lessons)
[08] Lyrics (Ben folds, xzibit, wolfmother, +44, red hot chili peppers)
[02] Domino Quotes


[01] The used
[01] Dirty Pretty Things
[02] Bert McCracken

[03] WALLPAPERS (two sizes for each)
[02] Domino
[01] Ben Folds

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Comments are always nice. And please credit. Enjoy!
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